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Buy AK-47 Strain


Andys Ak-47 Marijuana Strain | Pot Valet

Buy AK-47 Strain may have a violent name, but it’s quite the mild and amiable hybrid strain of marijuana.


  • Has won more than a dozen awards
  • Offers a longer than average high
  • Flowers in just seven weeks indoors


  • Can be sensitive to mold and fungal rot

Buy AK-47 Strain is a blend of South American sativa and Afghani indica. Offering a gentle buzz, it’s a great hybrid strain for people who need a casual mood boost. It contains up to 20% THC and offers clear-headed relaxation along with a solution for anxiety and stress.

Many people report that the high from Buy AK-47 Strain lasts longer than normal. Despite its initial tones of sourness, it has an earthy smell that makes way for a spicy overall flavor. It can be grown outside and will be ready for harvest, in the right climate, in October. You’ll get about 14 oz per plant.

Buy AK-47 Weed Online

AK 47 Strain | Medical Marijuana Store

Don’t let its intense name fool you: AK-47 can leave you relaxed and mellow. This Sativa-dominant hybrid delivers a gradual and lasting cerebral buzz that keeps you mentally alert and engaged in artistic or social activities.Buy AK-47 Strain mixes Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties, transportation along a fancy mix of flavours and effects.

Buy AK-47 Weed Online – Ak-47 weed online

Created in 1992 by Serious Seeds, AK-47 has won varied Cannabis Cup awards round the world for its soaring psychoactive drug content. For those hoping to fill their gardens with this pitchy, skunky hybrid, growers suggest an enclosed surroundings with either soil or agriculture setups. AK-47 is simple to grow and contains a short indoor flowering time of simply fifty three to sixty three days, whereas out doors plants usually end toward the tip of October. Buy AK-47 Weed Online.

Buy AK-47 Marijuana Strain Online – Buy AK-47 Weed Online

This batch of Buy AK-47 Strain weed comes from our terribly own team at Diem Farms! Don’t be intimidated by the name, this Sativa-dominant hybrid weed strain provides a mellow, relaxing high that lasts for hours. The effects from this strain range from uplifting euphoria and creativity, to relaxation and tranquillity. This strain is a great choice for anyone who struggles with social anxiety or depression.

Buy AK-47 Strain is a hybrid strain which, strangely, provides Sativa-like mental effects, along with a totally unique smell.AK 47.
Bred from parents Jock Horror and Ice, this marijuana has very unusual properties, being that it acts kind of like a Sativa, despite its genetics. It delivers a head-clearing, euphoric, borderline psychedelic high with a slight bodily tingle. Its smell is delicious and totally unique

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 19%

CBD: 0.1%

AK 47 Experience

In some ways, Buy AK-47 Strain is a really confusing weed. First of all, it’s a completely different strain. Secondly, it’s an Indica-dominant Hybrid whose effects are primarily cerebral. Regardless, it’s an enjoyable strain, descended from Ice and Jock Horror, and it’s reasonably powerful at 17-20% THC.

Upon consuming this marijuana, enthusiasts will notice a powerful, focused headrush, combined with notably strong visual effects. It’s a provocative mental state, and it’s motivating more than it is tranquilizing. This weed makes people want to get up and do things.

Although it’s relaxing, and to some extent euphoric, it’s definitely not tranquilizing. Eventually, though, the Indica genetics make themselves known in the form of a pretty significant appetite boost. This is marijuana made for exploring the world and eating some of its contents.

Vape cartridges of this strain are currently unavailable, but shatter can be bought from various retailers.

For everyday use, Blue Dragon is great for those who want to experience a tingly body high and euphoria, or wish to treat mild headaches

Traits of AK 47

This isn’t the prettiest weed ever. It’s got big, chunky, dusty green buds with a significant coating of rusty pistils. However, its smell is really something. Enthusiasts can’t really decide exactly what it smells like: some are reminded of pineapple, others of tropical fruit, others of pine, and still others of clean laundry.

It’s a fruity, astringent, sour, refreshing smell that adds a complex twist to the normal skunky Indica savouriness. The smoke itself continues the tropical fruit flavor and is very smooth.

Medical Benefits of AK 47

Despite the name, this strain holds a number of therapeutic properties. Medical marijuana patients willing to look past the aggressive title will find a remedy for a range of conditions.

Uplifting effects could make it quite helpful for patients suffering from milder forms of depression or other mood disorders

This herb may offer relaxation to patients struggling with chronic stress

Hunger-instilling effects could be helpful for patients dealing with appetite loss, nausea, or related issues.

This easy to grow plant is our most popular, because of her outstanding quality.Buy AK-47 Strain has been often copied or used by other seed companies for crosses. This plant is of medium height and produces very good yields quite quickly. Buy AK-47 Strain. Take extra care for odour control when growing near neighbours!

The name was given not out of any idea of violence, but more in association with the ‘one hit wonder’ that the smoke is. After its introduction visitors to coffeeshops in Amsterdam regularly passed out after a hit of the Buy AK-47 Strain

Quality without compromise makes Buy AK-47 Strain seeds suitable for commercial or home-grows. For a mostly Sativa cross these plants have a short flowering period, producing compact buds with few leaves that gleam with a coat of resin crystalsWinning 27 awards(!!!) in Cannabis competitions proves it is a favourite to grow as well as to smoke. She delivers a very strong, long-lasting and pleasant High.

In 1999 at the Cannabis Cup, an independent lab test Buy AK-47 Strain weed had the highest THC-percentage of all entries that yearMedicinal plant excellent for pain-relief. Latest awards won by Buy AK-47 Strain2nd prize in category: ‘Bio-Weed’ at the HighLife Cup 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands and 2nd prize in category: ‘Indoor’ at the Copa Cata Zona Norte 2017 in Argentina and 2nd prize in category: ‘Sativa’ at the 3rd Great Canadian Canna Cup in Canada in 2018.


Having a down day that just won’t turn around? You’ve tried everything. Gone for a walk, meditated, exercised, took a nap and tried listening to some upbeat tunes. All to no avail. The gloomy feeling still persists. Don’t worry, because Buy AK-47 Strain will turn that frown upside down.



Not often do strains with such relaxing and upbeat features get a name like AK 47. It’s a cross between Mexican, Thai, Colombian and Afghani lineage. A sativa-dominant hybrid, Ak47 features a sour and earthy scent, coupled with a light floral flavour.


AK 47 Effects + Benefits

Buy AK-47 Straincommences with a heavenly blast of jubilation. The euphoria quickly sets in, escalating with each passing second. Users describe the sensation as gently rocking on a sailboat as the sun saturates the evening’s sky with hues of orange and purple.

Now that we’re feeling great, it’s time to use the uplifted mood for a purpose.Buy AK-47 Strain is great for those wishing to add some spice to their creative endeavours.

Picture your mind as a treasure chest full to the brim with untapped potential. Buy AK-47 Strain is the key that unlocks the treasure chest; as a result, opening your mind.

As the euphoria soars to its peak, the sedative effects start to appear. Within moments, the entire body blankets in what people like to call, “the fuzzy’s.” In low doses, the body-stone is light, while higher ones beginning to produce a couch-lock.

Regardless of your experience, It’s an awesome choice for a later afternoon chill session.

Buy AK-47 Strain usually gets overshadowed by other strains, due to its affiliation to the recreational market. But, it’s medicinal uses are numerous.

Thanks to its potent uplifting energy, Buy AK-47 Strain is optimal for relieving stress, anxiety and depression. Alongside the former, it’s also proven to relieve insomnia when taken in higher doses.

Sour moods simply do not exist with Buy AK-47 Strain. We dare you to try and not smile.

On the other hand, don’t bother. It’s not worth your time.

Up to 18-20% THC

Additional information


1/4 Pound $520, 1/2 pound $870, 1 pound $1700

148 reviews for Buy AK-47 Strain

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