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Kush Mints are hybrid marijuana strains that are crossed with Animal Mints and Bubba Kush. Furthermore, it contains high THC with a tasting of uniquely minty flavor. Besides, strains of kush mints genetics provide effects to feel uplifting and relaxed. A complex flavor that tastes mint and cookies make it charming. According to cultivators’ statement, it grows best indoors and in hydroponic. Furthermore, it has chronic effects like Euphoric & Uplifted. It can increase your hungriness. Additionally, this type of marijuana strain makes you relaxed and happy. Remember, don’t consume an extra dose because it may cause dryness in your mouth and eyes.

Patients use this strain as medical marijuana to help stimulate the appetite. Besides, it has excellent medical effects on depression, stress, pain, and insomnia. This strain contains a high-level of THC. At the same time, it includes a low level of CBD.

The strain of Kush Mints Genetics At A Glance:

  • Product Type: Flower
  • Marijuana Strain Type: Hybrid
  • Outlook: Snowy
  • CBD Level: Low
  • THC Level: High
  • Flavor: Chocolate Sweetness with the complex smell
  • Regular Effects: Euphoric, Uplifted, Hungry, Relaxed, and Happy
  • Medical Effects: Depression, Stress, Pain, Stimulate Appetite, Insomnia.
  • Adverse Effects: Dry Mouth and Dry Eyes


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